The LIVE Studio Privacy Policy

November 15th 2020

Welcome to our Privacy Policy! Together with our associates The LIVE Studio (“The LIVE Studio”, “we”, or “us”) will use this Privacy Policy to inform you what we do with the information we collect from you, in an offline and online capacity, what sort of information we might collect, how that information is utilised, how you can opt-out of a particular use, or correct or alter that information, as well as how we share it. This Privacy Policy should be taken in addition to and is part of the general LIVE Studio Terms of Service (the “Terms”).

This Privacy Policy is applicable to personal information that is obtained and processed by The LIVE Studio in the everyday running of our business and activities. This includes information collected through the LIVE Studio website and also through our applications, social media accounts such as Instagram, any discussion site such as a forum, or any other online or offline tools and services (including any and all future on-or-offline service operated by us or on our behalf; to be known as the “Services”). All staff or individuals responsible for processing of personal information on our behalf are required and expected to protect that data by observation of and compliance with this Privacy Policy.

Personal information of any The LIVE Studio employees is not covered by the privacy policy, for example, information pertinent to an employment context, but employees who decide to use the Services will be classed as users and their personal information – as users – will be covered and processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.

We may collect various kinds of personal information (either straight from you or via other sources, e.g. third party). Our privacy implementations depend on what kind of relationship you have with us at The LIVE Studio and the necessary stipulations of applicable law. A few of the ways we might collect personal information include:

  • You might provide personal information to The LIVE Studio when using or signing up to our Services (including when you use our recorded workout and exercise sessions or any of The LIVE Studio online classes or through our subscription offerings), taking part in surveys, during various promotions, and asking us about services or information.
  • As you access and utilise the Services, a variety of passive information might also be obtained about your visit to The LIVE Studio site or applications, e.g. through cookies or similar technologies as laid out in following paragraphs.
    It is The LIVE Studio’s aim to only collect information that is pertinent to the objectives of Processing. Listed in the following paragraphs are the ways in which we obtain Personal Information and how we utilise it.

The LIVE Studio obtains Personal Information from its contemporary, anticipated, and former customers, guests, users, members and visitors (collectively called “Individuals”).

  • Information You Give to Us Directly. When you use The LIVE Studio Services, get in touch with us directly, or engage in particular actions, like registering or creating an account with The LIVE Studio, buying and using The LIVE Studio products or Services, taking part in a The LIVE Studio class as a live online session or through our subscription offerings, we might ask you to give some or all of the kinds of information in the following paragraphs:
  • Purchases. This applies if you decide to buy any of The LIVE Studio products or Services from us, including fitness equipment, e.g. weights, clothing or merchandise, online The LIVE Studio classes or subscription offerings – via any device – we might obtain information from you, including Personal Information. This includes, for example, your name, email address, telephone number, postal address, payment information e.g. a credit card number and/or other relevant information that might be required from you as an individual to complete your purchase (including payment information, “Financial Information”). Unless we inform you differently at the time of your purchase or when signing up to our subscription services, your Financial Information is processed by our chosen third-party processors. We will not obtain, keep or conserve your Financial Information.
  • For more information on ways in which your information is shared on these occasions, please refer to Section 3.e (“Third-Party Payment Processing”) below. For any account created via The LIVE Studio services, we will collect a connecting username and password
  • Public User Profiles. When you sign up to The LIVE Studio, or subscribe to our offerings, we will ask you if you would like to create a “User Profile”. If you choose to do this, we might ask you to give information about yourself such as a chosen username, your email address, physical information such as weight and height, as well as your age, geographic location, birthday and telephone number. You may also have the opportunity to give an image or avatar for use with your account. However, we are only required to collect an email address and username to create a User Profile; the further range of the information, as exampled above, that you might give us, is discretionary
  • Once you create a User Profile, anytime you sign in to The LIVE Studio’s site, app, or take part in a class or session, either online or via our subscription service, we will obtain extra information and append it to your User Profile. This might include the aggregate or complete quantity of classes attended, the dates you participated in those sessions and whatever other information might be obtainable on occasion.
  • You accept and recognize that information provided to create your User Profile might be personal to you. Also, that by creating a User Profile with The LIVE Studio, and giving us information during the use our Services, as well as if and when you participate in our live or online sessions via an online meeting application such as Zoom, you grant others, including staff of The LIVE Studio, to recognize you. In such cases, you might not be anonymous. You can find more information about your privacy when using The LIVE Studio’s workouts, classes and sessions via Zoom at the conclusion of this Privacy Policy.
  • Video Recordings, Images, Voice and Likeness. During the course of an online session, The LIVE Studio may record your likeness, a visual image or a recording of your voice (for example, in still photographs and/or in video formats) if you take part in The LIVE Studio classes, workouts or sessions via Zoom or online meeting application. This might also be the case during call or online interactions with our member support or inside sales teams. You hereby give your permission for The LIVE Studio to utilise, re-use, publish and re-publish all recorded content including screen shots of you captured while taking part in a workout or class via Zoom, and potentially including your image or recorded likeness in promotional and/or marketing materials. These may comprise of, without restriction, any or all of its online output and publications, social media posts and content, advertisements on the web, advertisements in print, email bulletins and other means of correspondence. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy you waive the right to examine or give approval to the visual images and recorded content, or any completed advertisement or promotional items in which your likeness appears. Requests for a likeness to be removed from promotional materials will be considered.
  • Communicating with The LIVE Studio. We might obtain Personal Information from you, for example your phone number, email and postal address, at the time you decide to ask for information about our Services, take part in on or off-line promotions, register to have The LIVE Studio communications delivered via email or text message, on occasions when we offer loyalty schemes and promotions, or when you ask to be given technical support, or user member information, or get in touch with us for any other reason.
  • Surveys and Reviews. On occasion we at The LIVE Studio (or potentially third parties we choose to act on our behalf) might get in touch to ask if you wish to take part in specific research, beta testing of new services or products, or surveys. We may also be in touch to ask you to give reviews and testimonials about our products and services. Should you choose to take part, we might request particular information, that might include Personal Information. All information obtained via your engagement in our reviews, testimonial collecting process, fact-finding and surveys, or beta testing, is given by you voluntarily. We might also utilise this form of information to enhance or improve The LIVE Studio’s offerings, products, our Site and/or Services, and in any form compatible with this Privacy Policy.
  • Posting on The LIVE Studio or on Third Party Services. The LIVE Studio may offer blogs that are accessible to the public, as well as social media content, product or service review pages. These might include private messages, online community forums or video chat communication. You should be conscious of the fact that, when you give information about yourself on The LIVE Studio’s online pages, such as blogs or social media posts, reviews, testimonials or private messages, forum posts, or within video chat experiences, The LIVE Studio will obtain the information you give, including any Personal Information. If you decide to submit content like reviews or testimonials to any public space or online page within the Services or to any public site operated by third parties, that content will be treated as “public” and will not be bound by the privacy protections as laid out in this Privacy Policy.
  • Registration for Contests. From time to time, The LIVE Studio might choose to hold or run competitions or contests. We would request anyone who enters these to give precise contact information, for example, a telephone number or an email address. If you take part in a competition, this information might be utilised in order to get in touch with you about the contest. It may also, within constraints allowed by law, be used for other marketing, promotional and/or business purposes.
  • Location Data. When engaging with the Services of The LIVE Studio, the kind of device you might use to access the Services, as well as that device’s connectivity might be collected, alongside location-based data, such as GPS, your Internet protocol (IP) address, longitude/latitude, city, county, zip code and region, and your location. Information on any “beacons” in the vicinity of your device, as well as Bluetooth networks or other proximity measuring systems may also be collected. The LIVE Studio might utilise this type of information in a variety of ways: to improve or enhance your experience as a user, to gain an improved understanding of your interaction with our products and services, or to give you the ability to chart fitness sessions that take place outdoors. This information shall be used by The LIVE Studio and our third-party service providers for the purpose of providing the Services you request, or potentially in a compiled and anonymized presentation where you are not identified. This is the case unless you give us permission to act otherwise. If you do not want to have this type of location data gathered and utilised by The LIVE Studio, you may opt-out. This is done by turning off the location as well as any Bluetooth connections in the operating system of your device.
  • Automatic Data Collection. Through our Services, or through other means of web analysis, The LIVE Studio might automatically gather specific information. This might include your IP address, mobile carrier or provider, mobile advertising identifiers, Advertiser ID, cookie identifiers, MAC address, IMEI, and other device identifiers that are automatically granted to your smart device or computer when you go online or access the Internet. These might also include what type of browser you are using, what language, any geo-location information, what kind of hardware your device or computer is, what the operating system is, what pages you have visited before and after using the Services, who your Internet service provider is, the time and date of your visit to our site or Services, how long you spend on each page, information about what links you might click, information about which pages you look at within the Services, and other actions performed through using our site or Services, for example, the setting of preferences. For further information on Automatic Data Collection, see Section 3.c.
  • Information Submitted Via Services. You consent that The LIVE Studio is at liberty to utilise the content of any communications advanced by you through use of the Services. This might include ideas, methods of working, innovations or processes divulged within that content, for any means, including creating, making and/or promoting goods or Services. The LIVE Studio will not give your name or details, or in any other way make public that you put forward such content to us unless:
    • you give us permission to do so,
    • we before give notice to you that the content you put forward to a certain part of the Services or site will be made public, or in any other way used, bearing your name,
    • Or we are required to do so by law.
  • Information from Alternative Sources. We might obtain information about you from alternative or other sources, for example, through third-party services and organizations, which we may use to augment the information you provide. If you access our Services through a third-party application – for instance – (by which we mean a social media site such as Instagram or Twitter or Facebook), we might obtain information about you from that third party application that you have made public through use of the privacy settings. Such information might include your name, your user identification number and/or user name for that social media site, your profile picture and social media contacts on that service, your location, your gender, your birth date and your email address. This additional information may enable us to confirm information provided by you to The LIVE Studio. It may also improve our capability to give you further information about us, and our products and Services.

We use your information to in order to provide products, Services or requested information. The LIVE Studio might use information about you to realize demands for our Services, products or information. This might include information about future services, not is not limited to:

  • Oversee Individual information and accounts in general terms,
  • Satisfy demands for information, such as questions or other requests,
  • Grant access to specific pages, uses or features of The LIVE Studio’s site or Services
  • Proffer services to you
  • Analyse queries and get in touch to answer questions or for technical support,
  • Give you access in order to register for classes and events.

Administrative Purposes. The LIVE Studio may use Personal Information for our administrative means, not limited to:

  • Gauging interest in The LIVE Studio’s Services;
  • Creating new products and Services
  • Maintaining quality control;
  • Confirming Individual user identity;
  • Telling you about Individual accounts and actions on The LIVE Studio’s Services, sites and subscription offerings and, at The LIVE Studio’s discretion, any changes to any The LIVE Studio policies;
  • Sending communications such as emails or text messages to the contact details you give us in order to confirm your account and for informational and operating means, such as account management, customer service, delivery information, or maintaining our systems;
  • Processing your payment(s) for any purchased The LIVE Studio’s products or services;
  • Processing transactions;
  • Preventing possible illegal or prohibited acts;
  • Maintaining and administering The LIVE Studio’s sites and Services,
  • Enforcing our Terms.

Marketing The LIVE Studio’s Products and Services. The LIVE Studio might use Personal Information to give you access to offers, products and Services that could be of interest to you, as well as any new materials or offers. The LIVE Studio might give you with these materials by electronic communication, such as text or email, or via telephone or postal mail, as allowed by applicable law. These may be used to:

  • Create bespoke content, promotions and offers for a user,
  • Notify you about products and services that you might be interested in, or in which you have expressed an interest in the past;
  • Provide our Services to you;
  • Meet any other uses given at the time that Individuals provide Personal Information or
  • Otherwise, with your consent. At any time, you can contact The LIVE Studio to opt-out of the use of your Personal Information for marketing purposes. This is further described in Section 5.
  • You can contact The LIVE Studio at any time to opt-out of the use of your Personal Information for marketing purposes, as further described in Section 6.


Direct Mail, Email and Outbound Telemarketing. Any individuals who give us Personal Information, or whose Personal Information we have obtained from third parties as allowed by law, might get occasional emails, newsletters, postal mailings, text messages or telephone communications from us with information about The LIVE Studio’s, or our chosen partners’ products and services. We might also contact you with upcoming special offers or competitions or events which we believe you might be interested in. You have the choice to say no to these communications at no cost to the Individual. Please follow the instructions in Section 5 to do this.

Services via Applications and other Devices. On occasion, The LIVE Studio may offer Services that are made to be used in accordance with and on third party devices, e.g. mobile phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs. The LIVE Studio may collect specific information that these devices send when you use our Services. This information may include specific device identifiers, user settings, location information, carrier and operating systems. Different versions of The LIVE Studio’s Services may mean that users must sign in with an account. Data about these different versions of our Services might be associated with such accounts. The LIVE Studio might also allow you to download various applications, widgets or other tools for use on electronic devices, some of which might store information about and on your devices. They might also transmit Personal Information to The LIVE Studio to allow you access to accounts and to let us track how these tools are used. Some of these tools might allow users to export break-downs of information etc from the tool. The LIVE Studio might use personal or non-identifiable information given to The LIVE Studio to improve and augment these tools, to develop new ones, to improve their quality or for other means already described in this Privacy Policy or in other The LIVE Studio notices.

Sharing Content. The LIVE Studio’s Services and sites might allow you to give information about your friends or colleagues via referral tools, e.g. “Refer a Friend.” Our referral tools might enable you to pass on or share content with friends, for example, an email or message inviting them to sign up to The LIVE Studio’s Services. When you provide an email address for a friend it will be utilised to send that person the content which you request, but will not be used by The LIVE Studio for any other purpose.

Other Uses. The LIVE Studio might utilise Personal Information we have a legitimate interest in, for example, for the purposes of fraud protection, compliance with legal requirements, or for other purposes as shared with you at the time you give Personal Information or with your consent.

The LIVE Studio, as well as chosen third-parties that supply our Services with content, marketing or other functionality, might make use of technologies such as use cookies, pixel tags, local storage and other tools, (“Technologies”) to automatically gather information through the Services we provide. Technologies used by The LIVE Studio are essentially small data files put on your electronic device which let us make a record of specific information – for example, when you access or engage with our site, services, subscriptions, applications, messaging and other resources. They also recognize you across devices.

Cookies. Cookies are small text files placed in visitors’ computer browsers to store their preferences. Most browsers will let you block and delete cookies. It is to be noted that if you do that, The LIVE Studio site and Services may not work properly.

Pixel Tags/Web Beacons. A pixel tag (also known as a web beacon) is a piece of code embedded on the Site that gathers information about users’ use of that web page. A pixel is used, for example, to record that a user has accessed a certain web page or clicked on a certain advert.

Social Media Widgets. The LIVE Studio site may include social media connections to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn among others. These connections might be widgets or other interactive tools. These connections might collect your IP address, as well as information on which pages you look at on the Site. They might also place a cookie to allow the feature to function. Social media connections are either hosted by a chosen third party or hosted directly on The LIVE Studio site. Your engagements with these features are covered by the privacy policy of the company providing it.

Analytics. We might also use Google Analytics and Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting to gather information relating to visitor behaviour and demographics. We may use this information to create and inform website content. Analytics data is not tied to any Personal Information. For more information about Google Analytics, please visit You can opt-out of Google’s collection and Processing of data generated by your use of the Services by visiting:

Advertising or Targeting. On The LIVE Studio’s Site or on third party sites we might use first-party or third-party cookies and web beacons (as described above) to give you content, for example, adverts relevant to your interests. These may include using technologies to comprehend your level of interest in advertisements and content, e.g. if you have clicked on an advertisement or link.

You may opt-out of the Technologies we use on our Sites and Services by blocking, deleting or disabling them as your browser or device allows. Section 5 has information on other opt-out options. We make you aware that blocking, deleting, or disabling these Technologies will likely affect the usability of The LIVE Studio’s Sites and Services and might stop you from being able to use certain features.

The LIVE Studio’s Services might feature links to other websites. Similarly, other websites might link to The LIVE Studio Site/Services. We do not control these other domains and websites. The LIVE Studio does not endorse or make any representations about third party websites or social media accounts or platforms. We would urge users to read and take note of the privacy policies of each website and application with which you interact. We do not endorse, screen or approve the content of other websites or applications and are not responsible for their individual privacy practices.

When you make purchases via The LIVE Studio’s Services, we Process your payments through a third-party application via a Third-Party payment processor. Either third-party may collect certain Financial Information from you in order to Process a payment on behalf of us. This might include your name, email address, postal address and other billing information; in these instances the utilisation and storage of your Financial Information is controlled by the third-party’s own terms, conditions and privacy policies. If you apply for or otherwise take part in a financing offer through one of our financing partners, you will be asked to provide information (which may include Financial Information) to that financing partner, either directly or through the Services. The use of that information by the financing partner will be subject to the financing partner’s terms, conditions and privacy policies. Our handling of any Financial Information that we might Process for you, or that we get from our financing partners or payment processors, is subject to this Privacy Policy. For more information on our use of Third-Party payment processors and financing partners, including the name(s) of the businesses we partner with, please contact ENTER EMAIL HERE

We might share your information as described in this Privacy Policy. For example, with our third-party service providers, to adhere to our legal obligations, to enhance The LIVE Studio’s Services, or to protect and defend our rights and property, or with your permission.

The LIVE Studio Uses Vendors and Service Providers. We might entrust Personal Information we obtain with vendors and service providers, for example, for:

  • supplying IT, analytics and equivalent services;
  • giving information and services that you have requested;
  • payment processing;
  • customer service queries, e.g. deliveries, technical and member support
  • the provision of the Services. The LIVE Studio’s policy is to provide appropriate contracts with service providers that prevent them from utilising or sharing Personal Information except as strictly necessary to supply the contracted services for us, or to comply with this Privacy Policy or with relevant legal requirements.


Business Partners. The LIVE Studio might share Personal Information with our chosen business partners and affiliates. This might be for our and our affiliates’ internal business uses or to supply you with a product or service that you have asked for. We may jointly offer products or services with chosen business partners, whose products or services we believe may be of interest to you, and may provide them with Personal Information. Our business partner’s name will be shown along with The LIVE Studio’s in these cases.

Displaying to Other Users. The content you post to The LIVE Studio’s site and Services might be displayed there. Other users of The LIVE Studio might be able to view information about you, e.g. your name or username on submitting review. We are not accountable for the privacy practices of other users who view and use the posted content.

Marketing – Interest-Based Advertising and Third-Party Marketing. The LIVE Studio might permit third-party advertising partners to set tracking tools to obtain data about your actions when you access our Sites. We might share this de-identified data as well as certain Personal Information we have gathered with third party advertising partners. These chosen advertising partners might use this data (and other information gathered from other businesses) to use to deliver targeted marketing when you visit sites not related to The LIVE Studio inside their networks. This is referred to as “interest-based advertising” or “online behavioural advertising”. We might enable access to data collected by The LIVE Studio site to allow information to be transmitted that could be useful, relevant or otherwise of interest to you. You can ask us not share your Personal Information with third party advertising partners and may opt-out of this at no cost. Please refer to the instructions in Section 5.

Merger, Sale, or Other Asset Transfers. If we are involved in a merger, acquisition, financing, reorganization, bankruptcy, receivership, sale of company assets or transition of service to another provider, then your information may be sold or transferred as part of such a transaction as permitted by law and/or contract. In such event, The LIVE Studio will endeavour to direct the transferee to use Personal Information in a manner that is consistent with the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such Personal Information was collected.

Please note that you are able to unsubscribe from email, text and phone communications at any time. To stop receiving our promotional emails, follow the unsubscribe instructions in any email messages you receive from The LIVE Studio or contact us as described in Section 11. To opt-out of receiving text messages, see the opt-out instructions in any text messages that you receive from us. We will process these requests within a reasonable time after we receive them and in full accordance with relevant laws. You will continue to get transaction-related emails with regards to products or services you have requested. We might also send important non-promotional communications regarding The LIVE Studio and our Services, for example, communications about updates to our Terms or this Privacy Policy). As far as is allowed by law, you will not be able to opt-out of these communications.

Do Not Track (“DNT”) is a privacy preference that you can set in certain web browsers. DNT allows users to tell websites and services not to collect certain data about their webpage visits over time and across sites and services. It should be noted that we do not respond to or honour DNT signals transmitted by web browsers.

In using our Service you agree to all of Zoom’s terms and policies with regards to the end user. They can be found at The LIVE Studio will not held accountable for violations of Zoom’s policies and will not be liable to for the actions of other members during online sessions. If you are aware of any violation of this Agreement in connection with use of the Services, please get in touch with Zoom at The LIVE Studio will not be liable for any data or other content seen while using the Services, including any errors or omissions in any such data or content, or any loss or damage incurred as a result of the utilisation of, access to, or refusal of access to any data or content.
Zoom will ensure and maintain appropriate physical and technical safeguards to prevent unauthorized disclosure or access to our Content, in adherence to industry standards. Zoom will notify You if it becomes aware of unauthorized access to Content.


The LIVE Studio keeps the Personal Information we obtain as described in this Privacy Policy for as long as you utilise our Services. Or, as long as is appropriate to fulfil the use(s) for which it was obtained, e.g. to provide our Services, resolve disputes, form legal defences, complete audits, pursue legitimate business purposes, enforce our agreements and adhere to applicable laws. Once we are no longer required to keep your Personal Information, we will destroy, erase, or de-identify it in adherence to our data retention policies and relevant law. Legal requirements, however, might mean we retain some or all of the Personal Information we hold for a longer period than the length for which we might otherwise hold it.

We take actions to make sure your information is kept and used securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We sustain commercially reasonable administrative, technical and physical safeguards which are designed to protect against unauthorized utilisation, disclosure or access of Personal Information. However, the Internet is not guaranteed to be 100% secure, and as a result we cannot warrant the security of any information you give us. We do not accept responsibility or liability for unintentional disclosure.

By using the Services of The LIVE Studio and giving your Personal Information to us, you grant that we may get in touch with you electronically on the subjects of security, privacy and administrative issues relating to your use of the Services. If we learn of a security breach, we might try to notify you electronically by posting a notice on The LIVE Studio sites or Services or by contacting you directly.

The LIVE Studio’s Services are not intended to be used by children under the age of 16. Also, you are not permitted to use The LIVE Studio’s sites or services if you do not meet the minimum age requirement as applied to our Services in your jurisdiction. We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of 16. If you discover that your child has given us Personal Information without your consent, you can alert us by email. If we discover that we have collected Personal Information of a child under the age of 16 we will act with urgency to delete that information from our records and close the child’s account, unless we are given verifiable parental consent.

This Privacy Policy may change. You acknowledge and grant that you have accepted the updated Privacy Policy if you make use of The LIVE Studio’s Services after any updated Privacy Policy is shared as shown in the Effective Date, above. If you do not agree to any section of the Privacy Policy, you must stop utilising the Services of The LIVE Studio with immediate effect.

Revisions to the Privacy Policy. We might revise this Privacy Policy at our sole discretion, so we would ask users to review it from time to time. If you choose to visit the Site and utilise the Services of The LIVE Studio after any changes have been made, you give your agreement to such changes.

New Uses of Personal Information. Before we use Personal Information for a new use that was not in the first instance agreed upon by you, we will try to give you information on the new use as well as the opportunity to opt-out. Where consent of the Individual, e.g. for the Processing of Personal Information is required by law or contract, The LIVE Studio will attempt to comply with the law or contract.

The following capitalized terms have the meanings set forth below.

“Agent” means any Third-Party that Processes Personal Information following the instructions of, and solely for, The LIVE Studio or to which The LIVE Studio discloses Personal Information for use on its behalf.

“Employee” refers to any current, temporary, permanent, prospective or former employee, director, contractor, worker, or retiree of The LIVE Studio worldwide.

“Personal Information” is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“Individual”).

“Process” or “Processing” means any operation which is performed upon Personal Information, whether or not by automatic means, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure, or destruction.
“Third-Party” is any company, natural or legal person, public authority, agency, or body other than the Individual, The LIVE Studio or The LIVE Studio’s Agents.
The Live Studio Limited is a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales (company number 12823082), whose registered office is at C/O Taxassist Accountants, 635 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 6AE.



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